Passing the time in another meeting

Crossed ankles, rocking heel,
jiggling one leg, jiggling both,
the slow fast toe tap,
the quick bounce off the ball of a foot,

sandals, high heels,
Dr Scholl’s, mules,
flip-flops, sneakers and socks,

quiet feet,
left behind right,
tucked in and still.

All this movement,
an extension of our thoughts –
anxious if she’s called on,
or eager to be heard.

My own foot sways,
slow and comforting,
marking time like a weight
on the end of a pendulum.

The woman next to me
eyeballs the motion.
“My mother would have said
to stop that.”

My mother said,
“With all these meetings,
when do you have time
to get anything done?”

“Hi, Mom”

I pop a cold beer,
start chicken thighs to browning,
and call you to talk.
Sharing an appetizer
five hundred miles away,
I hear you pour your beer
in a glass of green crystal.

I swig mine from the bottle,
green, like yours,
chilled from the refrigerator.
Preparing dinner,
your knife thunks through the carrot,
over the phone,
into the cutting board.

As if no extra effort
you’d slice raw carrot sticks for me,
served like orange flowers in a juice glass.
In a workaday world
I know preference matters,
receiving firsthand
your attention to detail.

I drink my beer from the bottle
but offer a glass to my guest.