So this is what happens: a woman buys a wedding card she really likes for her nephew and his new wife, and while she’s at it she finds a funny birthday card for him. She puts them in her lunchcase – (that’s a briefcase/lunch bag combo) – for safe keeping.

She could mail the envelopes, but she’s looking forward to tucking them in the gift card basket at the wedding reception.

As fate would have it, she catches – not a bus, not a man, and certainly not the bouquet, but – a dreadful virus that throws her under a bus, causing her to miss the big bash. Meanwhile, the cards ride around in the aforementioned bag, forgotten in a feverish haze, and as might be expected they get lunched upon (specifically, doused with raspberry-flavor green tea) and cased upon (by a thick file or two).

Frankly, she should toss the cards in the recycle bin and start over, but oh she did so like them when she chose them.

At the risk of making her dear nephew’s new wife worry at the psychiatric health of the family she’s married into (he learned a long time ago worrying is wasted on the wacky), the aunt tucks all her good intentions into one large envelope, seals it with a kiss, and sends it with her love – my love – to Matt and Kerri.        – Aunt Jane