If I were a strip of Scotch tape,
I would glue my bangs
to my forehead
and pretend I had straight hair.

If I had straight hair,
I would grow it long,
let it sway like a braless hippie
or sweep it up in an elegant chignon.

If I had a chignon,
I would wear a sleek evening gown
with plunging neckline
and a rope of dazzling diamonds.

If I were a rope,
I’d tie it to a horse
and ride giddy-up
all over town.

If I were a town,
I’d invite you to a block party
and serve you a meal
at my table.

If I were a table,
I would be surrounded by women,
curly and straight,
who wear blue jeans and cotton
instead of diamonds and gowns

who write and laugh
and share and love –
who don’t need a strip of
Scotch tape to bond.

–  Jane, WG

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