When was “Bigger is Better” replaced by “the one who dies rich and thin wins”?
When was the beauty of Rubenesque bodies replaced by “only babies and Buddha get to be chubby”?

I’m not talking obese.
I’m talking robust.

I’m not talking “run lean.”
I’m talking “run anorexic.”

I think in terms of the messages women receive on TV, in magazines, from email spam. It’s all about the diet pills and the dieting and the Botox and my buttocks.

But men get them too.

When my boss was on vacation I checked his email, and if possible he receives more spam than I do: Viagra, hair plugs, midlife fantasies, midriff exercisers – and failing them male girdles.

I’m not saying I want to be a baby forever, though I have entertained having the wisdom of Buddha.

I can at least aspire to his big belly.

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